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The Grass is Always
Greener When It's
Rich Earth™ Turf!

Golf courses around the world are learning better
practices for growing greener, healthier turf that can
withstand cutting, dry conditions and heavy traffic.

Rich Earth™ offers a natural "greens grade" granular mineral soil
amendment as well as liquid mineral products specifically designer for
golf courses. Whether you are using traditional fertilizers or
transitioning into a more environmentally friendly program,
Rich Earth™ can make a huge difference in the health of your greens and
surrounding landscape. By adding a small amount of Rich Earth™ once or
twice a year, you will save on watering, as well as cut your chemical fertilizer
outlay by half. So, not only will you save money year after year, but, you'll be
protecting the environment with less harmful runoff to local ponds and the
watershed each season.

Rich Earth™

Rich Earth™ 
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Rich Earth™Rich Earth™

Wha Our Customers Say

"We have seen good results after applying Rich Earth™ minerals to our landscaping and annual beds at the Country Club of Virginia. Everyone seems to have noticed the beautiful difference and expressed their delight in the vibrant colors and health of the flowers especially.

We've tried many different products before, even organic ones.
Thank you for introducing us to your Rich Earth™ products.

I am enjoying all the compliments. Rich Earth™ makes me look good!"

Becky White
Grounds Supervisor,
Country Club of Virginia
Richmond, VA


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