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Enjoy the Fruits of Rich Earth™!

Rich Earth™ products for farming,
gardening and organic living start
with the best practices for sustainable
agriculture, growing the healthiest,
most nutritious food available,

By combining the best soil amendments
and soil saving practices, Rich Earth™
is the "go to" resource for helping maintain
a sustainable organic program for large
commercial farmers and home gardeners.
Our initial product line of granular trace minerals and
liquid minerals are made from a 100% natural humate,
with no binders or fillers. Rich Earth™ is used as a soil amendment
with your existing fertilizer or compost system. It serves as a great starting point for experiencing the best growing results only Mother Nature can offer. Derived from millions of years of composted plant matter, our Rich Earth™ line of products can drastically improve the health of your soil, and nutrient content of your fruits and vegetables, while improving the disease resistance of every plant and increasing the yield. This is a win-win situation for the farmer, the people who eat the vegetables, and in the long run, the surrounding environment. Your investment in Rich Earth™ results in cost savings while producing quality produce that has a longer shelf life and due to the mineral content of the soil, the best taste ever, year after year.

It doesn't stop there. Our line of Rich Earth™ nutritional supplements are packed with over 70 of the same plant-derived trace minerals, and naturally occurring fulvic acid - which serves as a very powerful anti-oxidant and natural electrolyte. Check back with us often as we continue to build a community where more organic products are developed for a better quality of life for growing the healthiest plants, animals and in turn, providing better health for generations to come.

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Wha Our Customers Say

". . .The Rich Earth™ vegetables I grow now are so much sweeter
than the ones I grew in my "old mix". Each season, I will plant
everything with the Rich Earth™ - it has made all the difference in my
produce last year and this year. And I don't have to use as much
Rich Earth™ as I did the first year which was more than the directions
called for, but I thought I had to add more. You really only need to
add a small amount 1-2 lbs per 100 sq. ft. and less fertilizer to get
super results. Rich Earth™ is a catalyst for the Espoma, I could see
it worked better when I added the Rich Earth™ WITH the Espoma.
My customers and neighbors notice the taste and see the difference
since growing the Rich Earth™ vegetables. The test was a huge
success. Just wanted to thank you for such a great product!"
(read entire testimonial on our web site) August 2010"

Paul Hunt
Eastville, VA


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