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Improve your animals health!

100% All Natural • 100% Pure Humate
Bio-Available • Plant-Derived Mineral
Supplement • with 70 Minerals, humic
and fulvic acids.


Rich Earth™ Humate

All Natural Organic Animal Feed Enhancer
and Soil Compost Contains 100% Humate
(USDA Approval Pending)

Animal husbandry has relied primarily on additional protein levels
in feed or chemical stimulation to increase production levels and net
operation profits. Science has reached the limit in crop production for
animal feed and has actually experienced crop declines in the past few
years. The general public is looking for alternatives to hormone and enzyme laden foodstuffs.

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Nature has an answer!!

Rich Earth™ Humate is 70 million years old and naturally complexed and compressed plant material. It causes an increase in the efficiency of feed nutrient digestion and uptake. Improve your animal's health and reduce your feed budget with one product!

Many ailments, sicknesses and diseases may be traced to a mineral deficiency!


Wha Our Customers Say

Veterinarian Paul Dettloff, D.V.M., recommends Humate in his book, “Alternative Treatments for Ruminant Animals”.


"The herd manager was impressed that the DMI recovered so quickly after the major disruption of moving the cows.  He had anticipated losing 4-5 lbs DMI immediately and slowly recovering through 3 months.  He was also impressed that the fat test consistently rose through the Rich Earth™ trial."

Rob Brassard


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Key Benefits from Rich Earth™
Animal Mineral Feed Supplement!

  • Used for Dairy Cows, Chickens, Hogs, Steers, Horses, and More!
  • Used as Supplement to Animal Feed for Improved Health
  • Increased Milk Production
  • Increased Butterfat Percentages as per DHIA reports
  • Helps to Reduce Somatic Cell Counts in Dairy Cows
  • Improves Feed Efficiency
  • Decreases Feed Costs
  • Helps to Reduce the Fly Population
  • Problems with Scours Greatly Reduced
  • Weaning Weights Increased
  • Faster Weight Gains
  • Helps to Reduce Costs for Insect Control


fpoDairy Cattle
Louisiana test results show a 15% increase in milk production, a 12% increase in butterfat, and a 12% decrease in feed during June and July 1994. Tests run in Pennsylvania and Texas have produced similar results.



Swine breeders have noticed more rapid weight gain, reduced scowers, leaner more tender meat, and less solid waste with less ammonia smell and fewer flies.


Poultry producers report faster growing, calmer, and more tender birds. Reports
also show a decrease in leg turnout and toe dislocation. Egg producers report an increase in marketable eggs.



Trout gained an average of 5% more weight and mortality was reduced in thirty day studies.

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